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Let yourself be tempted by good things and start to discover wild fruits and herbs in your area.

Eden gives the best from true pure nature. It is a natural source of goodness that is worth sharing: wild fruits, herbs, beneficial plants. This is a real… heaven on earth!

Sharing good things?
It's natural for us!
Therefore, here you will find tips on how to reach naturally growing wild fruits and herbs in your area.

Maybe you know a place where you can find such treasures?
If so, tag them in our app!
After all, sharing the good with others brings joy.

A prescription for health?
That's what nature hides!
Discover recipes for natural remedies.

First hand recipes?
Health is at your fingerprints.

Instead of buying farmed fruits and herbs, find the ones that come straight from nature!

When curiosity grows… it's worth finding a source of valuable information.

They talk about us...and that's good

Eden on YouTube

A summary of Eden's analysis on the 321Crypto channel - one of the largest channels in Poland.


Eden on YouTube

Interview on 321Crypto channel on December 3, 2022.



2021 - seed


Team formation

Conceptual work


Eden v1.0

Eden internal tests

Building plant knowledge base

User profile and function suggesting

local herbs for indicated symptons.


Eden v1.5

Eden internal tests



Establishing startegic partnerships

Building the team by including q qualified herbalist

to increase a herbal knowledge base.

2023 - growth


Functionality development

Private sale round2

Expansion of the Knowledge Base

Cooperation with influencers




Marketing Campaign

Public sale

Token distribution

Dex listing

Eden app launch


Team development

Launch of the store inside the application

AI big data beta function for plant recognition

Marketplace function

Creation of educational courses


Launching the advertising system

AI optimazation

2022 - germination


Development of the Eden v2.0 team

Eden v2.0


Development of marketing concepts

Test version


Open public testing

Development of Knowledge Base

Development of materials Wild Pharmacy and Wild Kitchen


Private sale early investors round1

Development of Wild Pharmacy features

Development of Wild Kitchen features

Development of application

Announcement of Partnerships

2024 - fructification

International expansion

Brand partnerships

EDEN physical stores


Our team

Marcin Jastrzębski – Founder
Marcin Jerominek – Founder
Katarzyna Brych – Creative Director
Joanna Adamiak – CEO of PR FACE IT agency
Martyna Wątroba – Graphic Designer
Anna Dyktyńska – Manages the Knowledge Base and Wild Pharmacy departments
Maria Stawska – Photographer and Social Media Specialist

I have 8 years of experience in running an interactive agency and in building and managing IT projects for companies and corporations, including BMW, GETIN BANK, ALPHABET. I am a co-founder of the BMI group. My passion is natural medicine and Ayurveda.

For years I have been interested in the international economic situation and the cryptocurrency market, my passion is traveling and exploring wild areas. I have extensive knowledge of healthy nutrition and medicinal properties of plants. I am also interested in prepering, and Eden is a complement to my passion.

Currently, I am a Creative Director in one of the largest Polish Hand-Made advertising agencies. I started my adventure with the advertising industry in 2006. I am a graduate of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University, with a specialization in Psychology of Advertising. I graduated with honors from the Krakow Screenwriting School. I have done ATL, BTL, digital and SM communication for long-term clients such as: Media Markt, Raiffeisen Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Hortex, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nutella, Dermika, Samsung Service, Redd's. I have won industry awards: including KTR and Creatures, Golden Eagles and Effie. I like to work on insights, look for creativity even in the simplest messages and combine a creative approach with technology. I am passionate about challenges and constantly looking for new ways of communication.

I deal with media relations, influencer marketing and celebrity marketing. I have 14 years of experience in PR and communication. I graduated with honors from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science (specialization in PR and media marketing) and sociology at the ISNS faculty at the University Warsaw. I am a co-founder of SAPR - the Association of Public Relations Agencies, which brings together several dozen Polish PR agencies, where I am the chairman of the Supervisory Board. I am a member of the American association USPR (Unified Strategies Public Relations), which brings together several dozen PR entities, including from the USA, Canada, Lithuania, Israel and Great Britain.

I am an architect and designer of web and mobile applications with over 10 years of experience. I am fluent in Flutter, React, TypeScript, Node.js and Web3. I only recognize clean code and pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics and UX of the applications I create. He is interested in architecture and utility design. I love cycling.

I am a computer graphic designer with 7 years of experience. I create branding, websites, animations, illustrations. I have been running my own digital graphics studio, Mukla Studio, for a year now. Potted plants are my passion. I have nearly 70 specimens in my collection, and caring for them is my way of relaxing.

I am passionate about herbal medicine and therapies supporting the body's self-regeneration. I completed the Herbology Course of Dr. Henryk Różański, a valued specialist in the field of phytopharmacology. In my free time I explore a new passion - Chinese medicine.

I create content for social media. I take care of my presence on social media platforms, I photograph products, events and people. I am curious about the world, my passion is the observation of human behavior, reality and the direction we are heading. I have been close to nature since I was a child, privately I am passionate about botany and collect plants, and after hours I study psychology at the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw.

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